If you’re looking for an ultra-basic phone system with standard VoIP features, you’ll be happy to know that each of Bioniq’s small business phone solutions come loaded with dozens of standard features. We also offer plenty of other advanced features at no extra charge, but if you’re just looking for a phone solution with a reliable dial tone and some business-class applications, we’ve got you covered.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks (Session Initiated Protocol) are virtual phone lines that utilise a broadband connection – like an existing ADSL(not recommended), Wireless or Fibre Internet Connection – for access and connect your office phone system to our enterprise, carrier-class voice network. Over the past five years, SIP Lines have been replacing and improving plain old telephone service lines (POTS lines). With cost reduction and a host of other benefits and dynamics, SIP service is quickly becoming the “standard” business line solution, revolutionising the way the world connects. SIP has proven to be the new standard in phone line service.

Up to 50% Saving on Calls

Reduce monthly communication expenses by more than 50% by switching to SIP! Imagine reducing your monthly phone bill from R1000 to just R500 — a R500 per month savings and more than R6 000 per year!

Service Your Current Opperators VOIP
Land line-to-Mobile Calls R1.20 R0.60
Land line-to-Land line Calls R0.75 R0.49